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Ceramic: €8
Mini: €45-€53

Mindestbestellwert bei Garden State Candles: €150

Who doesn't love two gifts in one? We are proud to present our 100% handmade ceramic-candle collaboration with Helka Ceramics which can easily be reused as a unique mug to enjoy your tea once your done burning your candle.

Transported onto the long, narrow and deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs, formed by submergence of a glaciated valley in Norway as you walking through the pine forest, where soft moss, and the scent of of fresh rain takes over. As the sun rises, the rain drops evaporate and make way for the white flowers to blossom, leaving a hint of powder aroma in the air. A winter favorite, this candle is poured into a hand painted white & royal blue ceramic vessel, reminiscent of the crisp beauty of winter.

Each candle is 130gr and will be burn for approximately 40 hours.

Also available in Mini size: 50 gr and will burn for approximately 8 hours.