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Bloom 4 room


UVP: €20

Mindestbestellwert bei Rio Lindo: €250

Add a touch of nature to your walls with naturally beautiful BLOOM 4 ROOM vase. Itis made from real timber and can be easily attached to any vertical surface – just becreative! Once on the wall, BLOOM 4 ROOM can hold cut flowers, hanging plants or colorful moss, whatever works for your interior.

The BLOOM effect is especially visible with a group of vases. We use only sustainable local timber in our products and make sure there are no wood leftovers. So you can be certain BLOOM 4 ROOM is environment friendly vase.

Material: oak
Moss colours: yellow, green, velvet
Package: 11x11x30 cm
Set of 3 pcs. / set of 1 piece with moss