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Electree lamp


UVP: €87.5

Mindestbestellwert bei Rio Lindo: €250

Nature inspired light.Sun and fire were the only sources of lights our eyes saw for thousands of years. Nowadays bright arti- ficial light overwhelms us in every step of a way: in shopping malls, passing cars, with street lighting and omnipresent screens.

To bring back hygge coziness to your life, we intro- duce ELECTREE - all nature inspired, solid wood interior lamp. ELECTREE glows gently and warmly, much like fireplace or candle, thanks to it’s natural wooden body and Edison inspired vintage bulb. You can easily adjust the light to fit an occasion and atmosphere just by turning the switcher. Each lamp is hand crafted from premium hard wood, giving every ELECTREE its own unique pattern. So give your eyes a break and your room - a natural accent, to glow warmth, coziness and joy every day of the year.

Size: 15x15x31 cm