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UVP: €190

Mindestbestellwert bei Stilleben: €0

The design of this lamp is simple and pure and this makes it suitable for both public and private settings: it adapts perfectly to the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom or the office. Designed especially for places serving food: bar counters, lighting for tables or for simple but distinguished decoration of environments. The stylized silhouette and the matt surface give an almost ethereal appearance. Inside, the stylized silhouette reflects the light that falls as a cone. The entire lamp is made of suitable materials that withstand sources of heat. The coordinated ceiling rose is made of vitrified stoneware of the same material and finish as the lamp. A kit for the installation is also included.
The cable lead can be customized by choosing from 5 different colours.
A 100 W (equivalent of 1800 lm) halogen lamp is recommended because of its brilliance. It creates contrasts and lights spaces with a clean and bright atmosphere.

Diameter: 18 cm
Height: 28 cm

Technical information
Hanging lamp and ceiling rose made of handcrafted vitrified stoneware that withstands high temperatures (1200 °C). Stainproof, as hard as glass, non-absorbent, maintains colour and shape over time. Inner lamp support and bracket included in the galvanized metal ceiling rose.
White ceramic lamp hold that withstands high temperatures.
2×0.75 cable, 3 metres in length.
Light directed downwards.
Halogen lamp of smaller dimensions than normal lamps, appreciated for its warm light and visual appeal. The low-pressure gas is 10% more efficient than the old models. Product characteristics: 100% dimmable with 2000 hours average working life.
Provided with E27 fitting.