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Le prodige


80g loose format: €15.9
20 bags (box): €14.9

Mindestbestellwert bei Herbal Drinkers Club: €350
Mindestbestellwert für 80g loose format: 6 Stück
Mindestbestellwert für 20 bags (box): 7 Stück

A veritable coffee substitute, this blend was designed to optimize performance all day long.

The Prodigy stimulates concentration, lowers stress and makes it possible to shift into “performance” mode. Maté and sage stimulate the body while actively combatting fatigue. Mint, fennel, pepper and cardamom help to regulate digestive function and limit dips in energy levels. The flavor is dominated by the freshness of peppermint and bergamot, balanced by the warmth of cardamom.