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Mirror with holder


UVP: €37.5

Mindestbestellwert bei Rio Lindo: €250

Every single one of these mirrors is unique. None of them are identical. We are looking for different shapes, colors, and ages of logs to create our product. All peace’s of the decks that we found have been chosen very precisely. Wood is beautiful by itself. Also, it associates with warmness and coziness. We believe that every piece of design has more power to become a beloved item, when it is made from enjoyable materials and wood is one of them.

To my mind, mirrors are usually created in a very feminine style. It can be seen from their shapes and details. Our mirrors were created to be unisex. We made it to make you feel proud and happy having it, doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

Dimensions of a whole mirror with glass and wooden stand:
35 x 32 cm
Dimensions of a wooden base:
25x9x7 cm
Dimensions of a mirror:
15x25 cm
1200 g
- Oak wood
- Mirror glass