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salad bowl


UVP: €85

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This salad bowl, with its clean and elegant lines, presents salad, fruit, pasta or any other culinary creation with a touch of elegance and design.
The salad bowl, like the entire range, is made of vitrified stoneware. An excellent choice not only for special occasions but also for daily use.
The matt outer surface contrasts with the shiny inner surface. It is easy to wash and stain-resistant.

Diameter: 24 cm
Height: 9 cm

Instructions on use
Suitable for microwave, electric or gas ovens (but first read the instructions in the Instructions on Use section). Can be washed in the dishwasher.

Technical information
Handcrafted vitrified stoneware that is completely impermeable because it has been fired at a high temperature (1200 °C). Easy to clean, stainproof, as hard as glass, non-absorbent, keeps its colours and shape over time. Use in electric or gas ovens: place the product in a cold oven, do not place in direct contact with hot parts and wash the product only once it has cooled to avoid any thermal shock. Withstands temperatures up to at least 200°C. Suitable for microwave ovens.