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Scented Candles


UVP: €25

Mindestbestellwert bei Smells like Spells: €300

Smells Like Spells production is a harmonized combination of natural fibre, ecology, and a drop of esoteric know how. Each product is hand crafted, followed by original recipes, synchronized of both - traditional folk wisdom and experience, also modern perfumery, candle, and incense craft methodology. We discover the tender distance between daily usage of unique products and the touch of magic in our life. It is a kind of charming exclusive game that brings a piece of secret to our routine.

The essence of Smells Like Spells packaging is to keep all products opened, vital and transparent. Role designed calls to assist not to persist. The second Smells Like Spells is taken, you appear in a pleasant unpacking adventure. We contribute towards the luxury of less - subtle and elegant. This is the reason why material and ingredients chosen are natural and laconic, followed by design which first brings that delight sense of touching.


   Scent     Ingredients     Focus
 Mint, lime, myrrh  Healing / Health
 Rose, verbena, jasmine
 Love / Relationship
 Freyr  Ambergris, patchouli, myrrh   Wealth / Abundance
 Almond, oriental spices
 Home / Partnership
 Lavender, rosemary, myrrh
 Purification / Protection
 Sandal, opium, mint 
 Relaxation / Meditation
 Cinnamon, mango, oriental spices 
 Luck / Success
 Patchouli, oriental spices, ambergris 
 Concentration / Career
 Coriander seeds, agarwood, Juniper berries, sandalwood
 Focus / Self-confidence
 Sandalwood, opium, hemp 
 Inspiration / Creativity
 Tabacco leaves, sage, myrrh 
 Protection / Defence
 Black pepper, Agarwood, Sandalwood 
 Beauty / Sexuality
 Dellingr  Helichrysum, frankincense, juniper 
 Vivacity / Recreation
Cedar, saffron, sandalwood, myrrh 
 Harmony / Wisdom