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Tea Bag Blends - Creations


UVP: €10.5

Mindestbestellwert bei Chic des Plantes !: €400

Our tea bags are made of biosourced and compostable corn starch, the overwrap is made of recyclable plastic.


A lemon-spicy blend, enhanced by a slight spiciness, of an ardent length and an exhilarating languor.


A spicy attack supported by fresh and zesty notes, all in elegance and temper.

La Radieuse

A fresh and zesty attack, rounded by sweet, citrus and gourmet notes.

Ô Joie

An explosion of gourmet, vegetable and floral flavours, that leaves a fresh and spicy aftertaste.

Bulle Rouge Red fruity notes softened by almond and cinnamon, all in warmth and delicacy.
Pousse Délice

A rich aromatic symphony of plants, composed of fresh, minty and long-lasting notes in the mouth.

Récolte d'Hiver
A rich and warm mix, liquoriced and spicy, with an incredible aftertaste.
Belle Plante

A floral attack followed by fruity-acidic notes, enhanced by a slightly spicy finish.


A harmony between the surprising yellow fruits, honeyed and floral flavors.


A bouquet of leaves and flowers, fresh and sweet, leaving a delicate freshness in the mouth.


A very nice balance between floral- honeyed and fruity-gourmand notes with a zesty spicy finish.

Ô Zen

A woody, spicy and floral composition completed by fresh, zesty and slightly spicy accents.

Chic Chaï
A magnificent spicy bouquet with warm and woody notes, refreshed by camphorated and lemony accents. To be infused in milk, preferably vegetable.

A blend of a round and gourmet texture, with flavours of nuts, banana and coconut.

Péché Capital
Cocoa · Marshmallow · Apple · Star Anise