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The Bamboo Straws - Set of 10 With Cleaning Brush


UVP: €11,95

Mindestbestellwert bei Bazar Bizar: €500

height: 1
length: 20
width: 1
Don’t panic, it’s organic!
We make our lovely straws with bamboo, it is the strongest and most sustainable plant in the world!It grows so fast, up to almost 1 meter a day for the fastest species, that it’s the perfect sustainable option for the planet. Of course our packaging is also eco-friendly as it’s made from recycled paper!
Juice, iced tea,Smoothies or cocktails, kombucha, whichever drink you or your kids prefer, a reusable bamboo straw completes it

Delivered in a package of 10 with a cleaning brush.

All our tableware is handcrafted using natural materials – slight variations are thereby possible.