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Wall mirror PUDDLE


UVP: € (see the table below)

Mindestbestellwert bei Namous: €100

WOOD FRAME MIRROR SHAPE is a stylised replica of a rain puddle and has been inspired by a human need to search for a self-image wherever possible. The gaps in the shape of the large mirror serve for an additional function of a shelf.

Small Size: diameter - 50 cm, depth - 3 cm.
Large Size: diameter - 70 cm, depth - 3 cm.

Size Colors Material UVP
black black painted MDF, mirror 200
light wood MDF, mirror 200
light wood oak vaneer, mirror 165
black black painted oak vaneer, mirror 165

ECO FRIENDLY MATERIALS: natural oak vaneer, black colour waxes, mirror.

MODERN, MINIMALISTIC DESIGN and colour variation can be easily combined in many interior styles.

CARE INFO: clean with damp cloth.