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wooden underplates


UVP: €51

Mindestbestellwert bei Stilleben: €0

An Italian walnut underplate to enhance the table with an element that distinguishes the fine mise en place. Using wood not only ensures stylistic consistency for the collection but also enables the formalism of the classic silver or steel element to be softened with the elegance that is worthy of important convivial occasions.
The underplate is made of walnut, a byword for elegance, toughness and distinction. Walnut is considered to be one of the best woods, both in terms of looks and versatility, and it is much appreciated for its veining and shades of colour that grows in beauty over time.
The underplate can be sold in sets of two.

Diameter: 28,5 cm
Thickness: 1 cm

Instructions on use
Clean with a damp cloth. Never wash the underplates in the dishwasher.